"As long as man retains his precious ability to dream, he will push back before him all the limits and all the conditioning."

Walter Bonatti

I am an Annecy native, grew up skiing Alps Mountain and paddling river mountain. By virtue of my surroundings and peers I was heavily influenced by canoeing and mountain life, which seemed to shape me into outdoor sportsman. I travel all around the world to do my passion and participate at international competition in canoe slalom. Eighteen years in my boat to paddle along beautiful river and very privileged places.

Now I am a multi activity athlete, I practice the mountain in many ways but always with the aim of discovering new faces or peaks. I like to ski, climb, run or simply admire it. Still a canoe enthusiast, I practice my passion differently, more in search of a unique place and a natural river

I am part of a Adventure Raid Team ( Team Raid Panthères ). We are training for the Raid In France, round of the ARWC World Cup and qualifying for the World Championships. Other projects are in progress in the more or less long term.

Canoe Slalom

  • Gold and Bronze medalist at the European Championship
  • Final at the World Championship
  • 7 podiums at international race
  • 5 times French Champion
  • 4 times vice French Champion
  • 5 times third at the French Championship

Others sports

  • Swiss Peak 360 (360km & 27 500 +)
  • Raid des Dentelles
  • GTJ 200
  • 6000D
  • Bike crossing
  • ...